Entry #32

Long time no kuni!

2013-02-26 12:15:01 by Pegosho

Sorry for not releasing any animations last year, I didn't have the time to finish anything because of my studies.
However, in my spare time, I've been practicing animation, coloring, perspective, anatomy, etc. So I hope all that can translate into better quality animations for the future. :)

Anyway, hope every body is doing great. Btw, NG is looking so great lately, I've noticed new features, also, Swivel!!! I still haven't use it but I heard it's the best SFW to Video converter in the world. Kudos to the amazing Mike.

Well, gotta go. Peace out friendos!


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2013-02-26 21:09:34

Maybe throw your spare-time remnants into something watchable? Dare I say... a montage :3

Pegosho responds:

Yeah, I've thought about that. Or maybe, use each of those remnants and make short animations. I'll have to think about it. :)


2013-02-27 15:14:06

lol you're on my favourites for art, I didn't even know you made animations

Pegosho responds:

I love art, don't get me wrong, but animation...man, animation is more fun. And the fact that it's really challenging makes it even more rewarding. My goal is to be really good at art so i can make top-notch animations, that's how much I love it. :)


2013-02-27 18:12:15

Yeah, don't let my suggestion put a stink on the idea. There's no greater satisfaction than seeing all those frame by frame elements run its course, in realtime and with all the sounds and effects pieced together. Do have fun!


2013-03-06 12:46:42

A mi me paso algo el año pasado, no tenia mucho tiempo para mis proyectos. Siempre es bueno estudiar y seguir practicando. La constancia siempre hace la calidad.


2013-05-13 23:00:35

You sir are astounding.

Pegosho responds:

What's sup lazy! I've seen you in a while, what've you been up to? :)


2013-05-22 01:57:41

How was your Mystery Box? Just wondering who got the flask Celx-Requin sent.....

Pegosho responds:

It was full of awesome stuff, I'm gonna make a blog post about it next week.
About the flask, no, there was nothing like that inside my box. :(


2013-09-10 14:12:24

Sup man,how's going?


2013-10-20 08:43:52

so what are you gonna do?


2014-03-10 19:30:28

I guess I'll be seeing Mike again this year, though, I only just introduced myself and congratulated him on the converter thingy. Any chance you'll be at Pico Day this year?

Pegosho responds:

No man, I wish I could go someday though, but right now I'm super busy with stuff. Sorry :(


2014-11-22 21:39:43

You are awsome


2015-02-01 14:05:36

i like the art with the blue blocks exploding and the guy with the key