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Pegosho's News

Posted by Pegosho - February 26th, 2013

Sorry for not releasing any animations last year, I didn't have the time to finish anything because of my studies.
However, in my spare time, I've been practicing animation, coloring, perspective, anatomy, etc. So I hope all that can translate into better quality animations for the future. :)

Anyway, hope every body is doing great. Btw, NG is looking so great lately, I've noticed new features, also, Swivel!!! I still haven't use it but I heard it's the best SFW to Video converter in the world. Kudos to the amazing Mike.

Well, gotta go. Peace out friendos!

Posted by Pegosho - May 19th, 2012

Sup guys! It's been a while since I've made a Front Page post. I'm gonna talk about several stuff:

--NG Re-design---------------------------------------

The re-design looks amazing, every time I come there is something new. Great job Tom and gang. :)
The little star above is my fav. feature.

-- NEW ART---------------------------------------------

Check my art stuff in my profile, there are new drawings if you haven't seen them. One is Zelda, the other is Fez. I might upload a Grim Fandango one I made on the weekend.


Last year I was only able to finish 1 animation. I feel ashamed, my grandpa is disappointed, if I don't make at least 3-4 animations this year I might commit "harakiti", seriously, I will and I'll enjoy it.

-- SONIC DUMB LOOP----------------------------------------
You can check the SWF version here too: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a7955a5a9e55 94132cddd15739a2ee74

Well, that's all. Don't forget to run toward your dreams, RUN RUN RUN...

Future Projects + Dumb Sonic Loop

Posted by Pegosho - May 9th, 2012

Hello guys, I just want to say that I'm still alive. I got a new PC months ago, however, I don't have much time to animate anymore. I did a couple of drawing though, check them in my profile.

Still, I'm gonna do my best to animate something for June or July. Also, I have my Halloween animation in stand-by, probably will finish it this year.

Well, that's all.


Posted by Pegosho - January 9th, 2012

Ok, as many of you know (maybe 3 of you), my laptop died a month ago. I cried, yes, but I need to keep moving forward. That's why I decided to do the logical thing by buying a DESKTOP PC (fuck laptops).

I need a PC that can run Photoshop and Flash CS4 really REALLY well, so here is my question: How powerful and expensive should a PC need to be to run CS4 or CS5 almost perfect?
Also, for it to be able to run really well, should I concentrate most of its power in the CPU, Memory or Video Card?

Additional Info:
My budget is less than $1000.
I'll be using it to make animations and drawings mostly in my spare time.
I don't plan to play games on it, maybe some Minecraft.


Posted by Pegosho - December 30th, 2011

Hello NGers!

My oh my, time sure flies, as well as my hopes for making more animations for you guys.
It's not like I have been doing nothing, I tried my best to finish the stuff I started but everything I worked on is too damn long. The only animation I was able to complete was "Die Clown Die", and it was because it was short. What a complete failure of a year. :(
Here is the list of my incomplete BIG animations of 2011:

1. Pico's Demon Crown (Pico 2011) - (80% done) Duration- over 5 minutes
2. Down- (Halloween 2011) - (70% done) Duration- over 5 minutes

*Then I decided to hold those animations for next year and concentrate on SHORT stuff like:

3. Christmas Project 2011 - (50% done) Duration- over 2 minutes
4. Zelda 25 Anniversary project - (20% done) Duration - over 1 minute

*Yet, I couldn't finish them, the reason is because my laptop died preventing me to finish those 2 projects. *sigh*

Is kind of sad, somehow, I get very optimistic on finish everything and make like 6-7 animations a year but then I get punched in the balls by REALITY. Making quality animations take lots of time and patience, I always forget that.
2012 Resolution

1. Buy a new desktop PC (not a laptop, FUCK DELL!)
2. Finish my 4 incomplete projects.
3. Start working in short stuff (videogame parodies and original stuff)
4. Become a Youtube Partner. (<---Toughest Resolution)
5. Learn AS3.
6. Learn to backflip.

*I'll probably not finish half of them but what can I say, I'm kind of optimistic. ^_^.....<_>

Merry Christmas and Happy NEW Year!


Posted by Pegosho - December 7th, 2011

One of my passions, besides drawing and animating, is to play videogames. I have been playing them since I cant remember. The thing is that I have this really cool idea that could translate well into a videogame instead of an animation. So, what's stopping me? Well, the thing is that I can't program shit.

I have no knowledge of programming, that's why I started to watch video tutorials of Actionscript 3. I have to say, I got really interested in the possibilities. It's pretty much like physics and how the knowledge of it can make you understand the world around you, but with programming, you can actually create that world at your will.

My goal is to make 2d stuff, not uber-complex stuff like Uncharted and Skyrim, just simple games like Angry Birds and Castle Crashers. If they can translate well into iPhone games then better.

So, looking at how thing are evolving and where the future is heading, what programming language should I learn? Should I stick with AS3 and make everything using Flash CS4 or should I climb to a more difficult one?

Posted by Pegosho - November 4th, 2011

Hello NGers! I was unable to finish my Halloween animation and the same happened to my Pico's, and that's mainly because my short ideas usually turns into long-ass ones. And you know what? It's kind of frustrating especially when I can't make them in time. Damn you deadlines!!!

I, Pegosho The Monkey Dude, have decided to stop making LONG (5-6minutes) painful animations and start making ones from 00:30 - 2:00 minutes. The catch is that those shorts are gonna be frame-by-frame ala Happy Harry, well, there could be a tween here and there but not that much.

High-Quality short animations is my goal from now on. But yeah, I'm still gonna finish my Halloween animation and release it this month (November), so you better stay tune.

Also, I'm working with my pal Ockeroid in something, so stay tuner like a tunafish with that too. :)

Well, take care guys!

Posted by Pegosho - October 10th, 2011

Sup dudez! I just want to announce that I just created a Youtube account and I want everybody to SUBSCRIBE to it, pliisss! kthx.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Pegoscho

Once I finish my Halloween submission, I'll start working on short but funny stuff so I can have a constant flow of content on my Youtube Channel and also here (NG 4 life!). But yeah, I want to let myself be known around the net and hopefully make money out of it. I know it's hard but I'm kind of brave and I think that bravery can be of a lot of help sometimes, oh, I'm also reckless.

I want to ask you guys something, do you think it's better to start with original content or just do popular culture stuff about what's IN during the week?

Posted by Pegosho - October 1st, 2011

Sup dawgz! Pegosho here. *shining teeth*

I have been working in my Halloween flash projectou from the past 2 weeks, so far, I have been able to finish the animatic plus some FBF animations. Here is a small sneak peek:

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/d4 d2029d374e97e86fd63b031318734c

As you can see, I'm aiming for a complete FBF experience with Photoshop backgrounds, i.e. I'll probably end up killing myself. I'm gonna avoid tweening as much as I can. My only hope is to be able to finish it before October 31.

Sorry Luis for the covered boobs, but I want it to be aimed for everyone, at least there is cleavage. :3

Posted by Pegosho - September 12th, 2011

Hey dudes, check out this little flash I made about a clown dying:

Die Clown Die

Also, tomorrow I'm gonna start working on the animatic of my Halloween entry. I had this cool arse vision yesterday and thought after convulsing for 10 minutes: "Yeah! This my like work or something for halloween cuz it has like monster and stuff, and blood!" I also decided to add boobs to the animation for HIGHER RATING from sexual people.